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Calabrian bergamots directly from the producer

How fragrant our Fantastic Bergamots are !! If they are ripe, they lose their proverbial sourness and can also be tasted freshly squeezed. Of course we recommend them for the preparation of excellent desserts.

Our fruits come from organic farming: it is therefore possible to use the entire peel as it is not treated in any way.

FANTASTIC Bergamots For Sale Online


This quality of Bergamot is the most cultivated (it represents about 75% of the total).

The fruit is quite large and resembles lemon, the taste is bitter but softens during ripening.

Bergamot is one of the miracles of Calabrian biodiversity, mainly developing on the soil of the province of Reggio. Its cultivation in this extreme edge of the boot has benefited from the clayey soil and dry summers followed by rainy autumns.

Its name seems to derive from the Turkish "Beg armudi", or "Pear of the Lord", and is most likely a cross between bitter orange and lemon.
The main feature is the perfume emanating from its essence which is used abundantly in the international cosmetic industry, but also from its leaves which can be used to obtain excellent herbal teas. Lately it has been enormously increasing its use in the kitchen and in the pastry shop.

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