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Avocado sexuality !

07/01/2021 11:33


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The sexuality of the avocado

"Really strange", but fascinating, the way in which the Avocado manages to replicate itself !!

Today we're going to talk about Avocado.You might tell me, but what a news, since this is a blog of a website that has as its primary interest selling avocados. The curiosities and things to know about this fruit of ours are so many and I am in the front row, here to tell you about them.Avocado was the favorite fruit of the Mayans and Aztecs and it is precisely to the latter that we must go back to the etymology of the word “Avocado ”: in the Aztec language the word “Ahuacati ” means testicle and recalls the appearance of the fruits hanging from the branches, hanging from their peduncles.Their sexuality (not sensuality, even if they have been attributed miraculous virtues), is really very interesting and explains, partially, the difficulties that meet in growing and obtaining fruit from a plant or originated from a hazelnut tree.The magic word is "synchronous dichogamy" and avocados are among the very few to possess it in nature.An avocado tree produces about 1 million blooms in its entire life (hundreds in the same season). These are truly spectacular and occur in groups or yellow panicles, of about 250, placed near the top of the branch.

Fiore di Avocado

From these cob-shaped fireworks, only 2 or 3 elements will turn into fruit.

The flowers have both male and female reproductive organs but very rarely use them simultaneously! In fact, there are 2 large families​ of avocado identified by the type of flower possessed: Type A has flowers that are female, and therefore receptive, in the morning and male, which lose pollen, in the evening while Type B has flowers that are male, which lose pollen in the morning and feminine, therefore receptive in the evening.Mom, what a mess! Of course they do it really 'strange'!This impossibility of meeting, even if self-pollination can always happen, is overcome by planting, in the same avocadet, plants of both varieties (Types A and B) in a ratio of about 10 to 1.​The difficulties do not end here: there must be pollinators (bees in the first place) that carry the pollen from tree to tree, right temperatures that can attract pollinators and favor the hatching of flowers ( temperatures from 19 ° to 23 ° are considered ideal), not to mention the absence of Wind (dehydrates the flowers) or rain during the fruit set.

It is right, at this point, that I tell you that example varieties of Type A are Hass and Pinkerton, of Type B are Fuerte and Bacon. As you have learned, the sexuality of avocados is really very complicated. We do our best to help them this feat , bringing healthy, juicy and above all organic fruit to your tables !