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A new recipe: AGUACATATUN sauce

09/01/2021 20:11


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Avocado sauce

An excellent sauce with organic Avocado to spread on your croutons and canapes

    Serves x 4 persons

  • Avocado              2 Hass and 2 Fuerte
  • Tuna                    1 box
  • Onion                  1 piece
  • Chilli pepper      1 fresh
  • Lemon                 a few drops
  • Olive oil               just enough
  • Salt                      just enough

Our avocado, by now, we are used to associating it with the famous Guacamole sauce.Today I want to offer you a variant that has the merit of making me love this fruit when, by now for a long time, too much, long ago my father came home from the countryside bringing these strange green wrinkled pears.In this recipe, therefore, there are flavors that mix with adolescent memories and as such they can only be... spicy!

We will need at least 3 organic avocados, for an excellent creaminess I recommend 2 Hass and two more either Bacon or Fuerte. a can of good quality drained tuna, a pinch of salt , a fresh chilli pepper (I recommend, with all the seeds) or alternatively a generous grated black pepper, a small piece of Tropea onion (we are or we are not Calabrese) a good spoon of Geracese cultivar oil (Our oil It is excellent, but what you have at home is fine too) and to finish a squeeze of lemon, for the flavor but also to avoid the oxidation of the sauce and increase its duration.

In preparing Guacamole, it is practically mandatory not to blend it but but mash it: we are not making this sauce so we make life easier and we equip ourselves with an immersion blender by activating, if available, the Turbo too.

Salsa Aguacatatun

Work the cream for a few minutes until it becomes very silky , without lumps.

Now you can spread it on toasted croutons in a pan or in the oven or use it to accompany your fish dishes. As you have seen, a very simple but very tasty dish.

Let's end with a clarification: do not look for it on the internet. . . . you will not find it.

Aguacatatun is the name I invented (aguacate + atun that is avocado and tuna), since I chew Spanish.

Sounds good, what do you think ?

Enjoy your meal and good Avocado at all !