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Crispy Avocado Fusilli

19/03/2021 14:18


Recipes , Recipes with Avocado , Avocado , Feta, Spinaci, Croccanti, Fusilli,

Crispy Avocado Fusilli by AvocadoBio

A first course with summer avocado, fresh, vegetarian. What more do you want?

Serves x 4 people


  • Fusilli               400 g
  • Spinach           200 g
  • Avocado          2 ripe
  • Feta                  50 g
  • Garlic               1 e ½
  • Almonds         10 g
  • Cashew nuts  10 g
  • Lemon             1
  • Oil                     Just enough




Among the proposed recipes based on Avocado, a first course could not be missing. I chose it because it was fresh and fast, even if a little unusual for us Italians.

It is certainly preferable not to consume it hot, also because the heat is not good for the taste of Avocado at all.
For 4 people you will need 400 g of fusilli (we like large portions), 1 clove of garlic, 100 g of spinach, 2 quite ripe avocados, 50 g of Feta, 10 g of almonds and 10 g of cashews both toasted, a a little extra virgin olive oil and 1 lemon.
As I said, it is a quick dish so let's start by lowering the pasta in salted water and taking a little cooking water, letting it cool. In a blender, place 100 g of previously blanched and cooled spinach, the clove of garlic, the pulp of the avocados and a little oil;

Fusilli with avocado

while blending, adjust the consistency by adding a little cooking water until you reach the right creaminess; cover and set aside.

In a pan, toast the coarsely chopped almonds and cashews and, once ready, season them with oil and the juice of half a lemon, keeping them in a bowl. Drain the pasta and let it cool a little.
Place it in a bowl and pour the spinach and avocado cream over it, mixing thoroughly until it reaches the right creaminess, helping you with the water set aside. Serve by placing a dose of almonds and cashews on each plate, a crumble of Feta.
Serve with a small lemon wedge to be squeezed to suit each diner's taste.

Enjoy your meal and good Avocado at all!