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Organic Avocado from Calabria


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Our Organic Avocado is Italian, fresh, good, sustainable and affordable

In Calabria, a few steps from the beautiful sea of ​​the Costa dei Gelsomini, in an unspoiled nature, the avocado has found its ideal environment.

It is a lush tropical corner where nature is able to give its best.


For us selling avocado online is a new challenge, growing it well respecting the environment has been a habit for forty years !


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Sicilian Avocado. Better than Calabrese.


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it is the son of our sun, of our climate, but above all of our land.

It is an Italian avocado with a healthy and genuine taste since it does not come from 10,000 kilometers away like the one you can buy at the supermarket..

Try it and it will win you over.



we collect the avocado from the tree and ship it to your home within 12 hours. You will receive a fruit that is still unripe, but the wait required for ripening will be rewarded by the aroma, perfume and richness of flavor of its pulp, making you appreciate a unique product.



the growth and maturation of our avocados occurs naturally; they arrive on your tables intact and healthy, as nature made them.
Our trees have space, water and grow in balance, without the need for poisons.


Italian Hass Avocado, extensive cultivation

our avocado is not intensively grown, requires much less water than is required in South America and is fertilized with legumes and sheep manure.

In this way we respect the ecosystem by obtaining quality and flavor.



Calabrian avocado, good, healthy, affordable
with our online shop we address individuals, traders and buying groups directly.
With the short supply chain you can enjoy advantageous prices, have a safe and certified origin and reduce the environmental impact of this fruit.

Buy fruit full of health and goodness

Click on our Avocado ! 

Why is Avocado a Supertree

. . . as well as a superfood

  • It is a plant present on earth since prehistoric times and can live 400 years
  • At least 300 varieties are classified, divided into two large families (Type A and Type B)
  • The average size of the fruit ranges, depending on the variety, from 100 g to 2.5 kg
  • It has a unique type of reproduction in nature called "synchronous dichogamy"
  • It produces a fruit full of vitamins and micronutrients and . . . taste

We love it, but we're biased !

With this site we would like to let you know it better and appreciate it.

Visiting our BLOG and Questions & Answers page, you will know all its secrets and peculiarities.

We chose avocado as the future

of our generations.

You choose it for its taste,

knowing it was done with the heart.