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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Geracese Cultivar


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We sell an oil with an ancient flavor online that must be discovered and tasted

Extra virgin olive oil has represented the wealth and prosperity of our land for centuries. It is a liquid capable of enclosing not only flavors and aromas, but also rites, customs, traditions of a land kissed by the sun

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Olive oil: green sap of nature

Secular olive trees that have defied bad weather and earthquakes to reach us, witnesses of a past that lives and that we must not forget.
Ours is an rich oil, with a strong taste, with an exhilarating scent; it is the oil with which we prepare our culinary specialties, jealously handed down and unchanged for centuries.

Fatigue and passion

We collect the still green olives directly from the tree: this is the method we use to obtain less quantity but better quality.
We use mechanical means but also our hands, with a lot of patience and effort. The harvest becomes a bit of a party: being together, sharing food, sensations and joy.

Oil as life and pride

Nature's green sap oil
Then comes the final moment of the day: the milling. Yes, because the olives must be pressed on the same day they are harvested, otherwise the acidity of the oil will increase.
The efforts of our work are amply rewarded by the joy one feels seeing the yellow-green sap flowing in the basin, and the scents and sensations inebriate the senses.

Our secular olive trees

The olive tree is an incredible tree: it has little roots in the ground, but it is capable of withstanding a hurricane. Ours are centenarians and their origin is lost in the generations that have planted and cared for them. It is a duty to protect them because they are an example of how nature can reward us if we protect it.

Don't be seduced by low prices and advertising sirens.

Extra virgin olive oil is important for your health and you have to buy it from serious people