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Organic Bacon Avocados produced in Calabria

Our Avocado Bacon is a large fruit, with a sweet taste, less incisive than the Hass, but more enveloping. Due to this characteristic you can use it in your desserts as a substitute for butter, thus obtaining a lower intake of sugars and calories. As it is harvested from the tree and shipped, you can enjoy it after maturing for at least 7 - 10 days.

Avocado BACON Direct Sale


The Bacon variety is of Californian origin, a hybrid created by crossing a Mexican and a Guatemalan avocado.

The tree is vigorous and upright, it also resists temperatures of -3 ° and strong winds.
It is a variety that has established itself on the market relatively recently and has found its excellent development especially in Eastern Sicily and in our Ionian Calabria.

Bacon avocado bears fruit well, with prevalence in the apical part of the plant and tends to be alternating. The fruit has a very bright green skin that is quite easy to peel, the shape is ovoid and is large in size. The stone, compared to other avocados, is very large.

The internal pulp is green slightly tending to yellow. Once ripe, its skin does not become dark like other varieties, but very soft to the touch. The peculiarities are the buttery consistency, the good fiber content and the high percentage of oil (equal to 18-20%). Its taste is very delicate, which is what makes it appreciated by consumers.

Once detached from the plant, it ripens faster than other Avocados. A delay in the collection, it compromises its production the following year.

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